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EN 343 certificated

The media jacket fully meets the international standard ENV 343 (weather protection)

Protective weather garment.

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Product information

„Media jacket“ specifically stands for exclusive, high quality, fashionable, modern, waterproof and breathable, impermeable to wind, and individually adaptable for every production.

>> Additionally offers integration with your corporate identity and image (company name and logo integration and visual uniformity in public).

>> Benifits performance and motivation of co-workers (freelance and company staff).

>> The impression of the jacket underlines the modern thinking of your company, saying: „We go with the times and keep an open mind for new ideas“.

>> Specifically designed for your intended market (e.g. additional functions for walkie-talkie, mobile phones, pens etc.) to make your work easier.

>> Optimal working conditions for outdoors: with protection against wind and rain. The functional jacket designed for your comfort, with GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® materials. This two-in-one functional jacket is a new and innovative product, which is exclusively available through us. This jacket can be worn all year round and is specifically designed for the film, television and radio market.

>> For the outer jacket a functional, very high quality, durable yet light and soft material is used: GORE-TEX® 2-layer-laminate „Basel“. It is waterproof, breathable and impermeable to wind.

>> The separate inner jacket is made of WINDSTOPPER® 3-layer-laminate „Glacier“ material and is breathable, impermeable to wind and heat-insulating.

The Media Jacket

The Two-In-One Media Jacket

Perfect for In- and Outdoor-Takes


What does »breathable« mean?

Perspiration can escape in the form of steam through the material, because the materials pores are approximatly 700 times larger than steam molecules. This ensures a comfortable „climate“ and will prevent overheating.


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